Intermediate #67 Verb To need in French

Learn how to express need and duty in French my friend.

Intermediate #59 An easy book to read in French Le petit prince Part 1

Le petit prince is a great book to start reading in French. I recommend you keep a dictionary by your side as you read the book. You can also write down any new vocabulary and its translation on a card. To help you, I prepared a free vocabulary sheet for the French book Le petit prince.

Advanced #57 French grammar bien bon meilleur

Learn how to say best and the best in French my friend.

Intermediate #52 French “Je m’en lave les mains”

Learn how to understand French people better when they say they are not taking responsibility for something my friend.

Intermediate #42 French motion verbs with prepositions

Learn how to use motion verbs in French and which auxiliary to choose depending on the meaning of the verb my friend.