Beginner #40 French poetry Prévert

Read this French easy poem along with me my friend and improve your French pronounciation and vocabulary at the same time.

Advanced #39 French poetry Lamartine

Let’s practice French prononciation with a beautiful poem from Lamartine my friend.

Advanced #38 French intellectual property law introduction

This is an advanced French lesson about legal French vocabulary relating to intellectual property law in France.

Advanced #36 French adjective new

Today I teach you two ways of saying new in French my friend.

Intermediate #34 même in French

Today I want to teach you the two meanings of “même” in French my friend.

Advanced #27 Freedom of establishment and to provide services in the EU

Today we explore one of the four freedoms of the European Union: the freedom of establishment and providing services in another Member State. Les principes fondamentaux régissant la liberté d’établissement et la libre prestation de services sont contenus dans le Traité sur l’Union européenne, tandis que leur régime est précisé tant par les directives européennesContinue reading “Advanced #27 Freedom of establishment and to provide services in the EU”

Beginner #25 French verbs about feeling or the difference between ressentir, sentir and se sentir

French language has many verbs for to feel: ressentir, se sentir and sentir.