Advanced #64 Effraction or infraction ? French vocabulary

Learn how to distinguish between two similar French words Effraction and Infraction my friend.

Beginner #55 2 French verbs for to go back

Learn how to use French verbs meaning to go back my friend.

Beginner #49 French Vocabulary Holidays Special

Learn how to talk about the winter holidays in French my friend. This is a beginner French lesson for you.

Beginner #47 French “soutenu” Regret and happiness

Learn how to use fancy French words at a beginner level my friend.

Beginner #45 Female and feminine in French

Learn how to translate Female in French my friend.

Intermediate #39 French for It is forbidden

One of my students asked me why the idea of something being forbidden in French was sometimes used with the verb to be while at other times the verb to have was required. Let’s dive deeper into the French ways of expressing “c’est interdit” my friend.

Intermediate #27 Key French Legal concepts made easy

Let me introduce you to the key concepts and principles regulating the French legal system my friend.

Beginner #27 Easy French Legal vocabulary

Beginner vocabulary about justice in French language.

Beginner #25 French verbs about feeling or the difference between ressentir, sentir and se sentir

French language has many verbs for to feel: ressentir, se sentir and sentir.

Beginner #23 French vocabulary lesson around the rooms of the house or Les pièces de la maison

Learn how to name each room of your house in French language with complete phrases to practice pronunciation with me my friend! une pièce une chambre une salle a room and a bedroom a meeting room Je suis dans le salon. I am in the living room. Tu es dans la cuisine. You are inContinue reading “Beginner #23 French vocabulary lesson around the rooms of the house or Les pièces de la maison”