Advanced #42 French passé simple

Learn how to conjugate French verbs on the passé simple tense or simple past.

Intermediate #41 French verbs partir sortir quitter

Learn how to use the French verbs partir, sortir and quitter my friend. partir quitter partir (de) to leave, go away quitter to leave (behind) Tu pars demain ? Are you leaving tomorrow? Demain nous sortons. C’est prévu. Tomorrow we go out. This is scheduled. Vous ne partirez pas de Nice sans lui dire auContinue reading “Intermediate #41 French verbs partir sortir quitter”

Advanced #19 African Human Rights French lesson about with keywords and phrases La Charte du Manden

The Manden Charter is a very interesting text about human rights and it comes from Africa my friend. Let’s learn vocabulary and French sentences about it.

Advanced #17 How to #translate #Whether in #French #language? #Phrases with QUE

I have been asked by my advanced students how to translate the word WHETHER in French language. Let’s learn it with sentences my friend.

Beginner #17 What is the #passive voice in #French?

Today I teach you how to turn a sentence into the passive form in French language my friend. Je regarde un avion. I look at a plane. J’écoute Lucie. I listen to Lucie. Un email est envoyé par le garçon. An email is being sent by the boy. Une lettre est envoyée par le garçon.Continue reading “Beginner #17 What is the #passive voice in #French?”