Advanced #56 By the time in French

Learn how to translate “by the time” in French my friend.

Advanced #53 French quelque chose de

Learn how to use “quelque chose de” within French sentences for advanced French learners my friend.

Advanced #49 Around the French verb veiller

Learn all about the verb veiller and the nouns la veille, la veillée and la veilleuse my friend.

Advanced #40 French negative sentences Ne pas Ne jamais Ne rien Personne Aucun

Learn how to use ne pas, ne jamais, ne rien, personne and aucun and where to place them within the French sentence my friend.

Advanced #37 Master French punctuation and get credibility

Be credible when you write French by learning the French punctuation rules my friend.

Advanced #22 European Union law introduction in French ou Droit de l’Union européenne

This free French lesson is about European law and key concepts with vocabulary and sentences my friend.