Intermediate #44 The verb Mettre in French

Learn how to conjugate the French verb mettre or to put in the imparfait, futur and subjonctif and several uses of mettre within whole sentences my friend.

Beginner #44 Le verger French vocabulary for beginners

Learn how to pronounce each fruit and its fruit tree in French my friend.

Advanced #42 French passé simple

Learn how to conjugate French verbs on the passé simple tense or simple past.

Beginner #41 French prepositions

Learn how to use the French prepositions à, pour, vers, par, sous, de and more within easy sentences my friend.

Beginner #39 French conversation tips: questions

Today let’s see how to ask questions within a casual French conversation my friend.

Advanced #38 French intellectual property law introduction

This is an advanced French lesson about legal French vocabulary relating to intellectual property law in France.

Intermediate #28 – Time periods in French pour, pendant, depuis

What is the difference in French between Pour Depuis and Pendant?

Intermediate #26 The pronoun Y in French language several uses and example phrases

Let me explain the rules for the use and placement of pronoun y my friend.

Intermediate #24 Talk in French about Provence with vocabulary and sentences to practice pronunciation

Provence in France! So many things to be learned about this beautiful area in whole French phrases of course.

Beginner #24 What is the difference in French language between pour quoi and pourquoi ?

What is the respective meaning of pour quoi and pourquoi in French language?