Intermediate #65 Reflexive verbs with body parts

Learn how to use reflexive verbs with body parts my friend.

Intermediate #44 The verb Mettre in French

Learn how to conjugate the French verb mettre or to put in the imparfait, futur and subjonctif and several uses of mettre within whole sentences my friend.

Beginner #40 French poetry Prévert

Read this French easy poem along with me my friend and improve your French pronounciation and vocabulary at the same time.

Intermediate #25 Prefixes in French with their latin roots and within whole sentences to practice

French prefixes come from latin and I teach you today how to use them.

Intermediate #23 French verb explained Venir de faire quelque chose To have just done something

Learn how to use the French way of expressing an action which has just been done with the verb Venir de my friend.

Intermediate #20 THEY in French or how to use the third person singular and plural

I am happy to teach you today my friend how to conjugate verbs in French when the subject is used with “they” in English, for instance family, police and somebody. J’aime ma famille et elle est entièrement réunie en ce jour de fête. I love my family and they are all reunited on this dayContinue reading “Intermediate #20 THEY in French or how to use the third person singular and plural”