Advanced #62 French grammar Adjectif verbal or Participe présent ?

Learn the difference between the French adjectif verbal and the participe présent my friend.

Intermediate #58 French déterminants et pronoms possessifs for intermediates

Learn how French possessifs déterminants and pronoms work my friend.

Advanced #54 Leur and lui in French

Learn how to use Leur as the plural of Lui within French sentences for advanced French learners my friend.

Intermediate #53 French Il vaut mieux que and Il faut que

Learn how to use French verbs valoir and falloir my friend.

Advanced #50 French adjectives and present participles

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Advanced #37 Master French punctuation and get credibility

Be credible when you write French by learning the French punctuation rules my friend.

Advanced #30 Demonstrative pronouns in French

How do you use celui, celui-ci or celui-ca in French my friend? Let’s use examples and find out.

Advanced #18 #French #pronouns duquel auquel lequel or dont? #Frenchgrammar for #advanced #learners

When to choose the right pronoun in French? Are you hesitating between duquel auquel lequel or dont? LEt’s learn togather in a new advanced French grammar lesson my friend.