Intermediate #38 Le or du in French?

Learn how to use “de” and “du” in front of French nouns my friend

Intermediate #32 Faire preuve de + state of being or emotion

Today I teach you how to use the construction “faire preuve de” in French my friend. Je fais preuve de patience. I show patience. Tu as vraiment fait preuve de beaucoup de courage dans ta vie, je t’admire. You have been really brave in your life, I admire you. Il n’a fait preuve d’aucune colèreContinue reading “Intermediate #32 Faire preuve de + state of being or emotion”

Intermediate #17 #French connecting #keywords or connecteurs et liens logiques

Sentences are linked with important key words in French sentences which are very useful when you write an essay my friend. Let’s learn them together today with whole sentences of course!