Live #31 – A dose of French positivity

Today I want to warm your heart a little bit with some nice positive French words my friend.

Advanced #22 European Union law introduction in French ou Droit de l’Union européenne

This free French lesson is about European law and key concepts with vocabulary and sentences my friend.

Intermediate #22 Children rights vocabulary and phrases La Convention des droits de l’enfant

The Children Rights Convention is an interesting French text to learn new vocabulary and repeat sentences with me my friend.

Beginner #22 French verbs To appear To look alike To seem To display To show Apparaître with phrases

The verbs to appear and to seem can be translated into different ways in French language my friend.

Advanced #21 How to use French relative pronoun DONT in whole sentences to practice and repeat

Let’s practice repeating French sentences to learn more about the use of the simple relative pronoun DONT in French.

Intermediate #21 Which tenses go together in French verbs associations with IF or SI

Learn more about the French concordance des temps or which tense goes with which in French language my friend.

Beginner #21 How to tell the date in French with days months years and seasons in whole phrases

Learn how to tell the date, the months and the seasons in French my friend!

Advanced #20 Droit Musulman ou Islamique Introduction to Islamic or Muslim Law in French

Let’s learn about Islamic Law key concepts in Frenhc my friend.

Intermediate #20 THEY in French or how to use the third person singular and plural

I am happy to teach you today my friend how to conjugate verbs in French when the subject is used with “they” in English, for instance family, police and somebody. J’aime ma famille et elle est entièrement réunie en ce jour de fête. I love my family and they are all reunited on this dayContinue reading “Intermediate #20 THEY in French or how to use the third person singular and plural”