Intermediate #32 Faire preuve de + state of being or emotion

Today I teach you how to use the construction “faire preuve de” in French my friend. Je fais preuve de patience. I show patience. Tu as vraiment fait preuve de beaucoup de courage dans ta vie, je t’admire. You have been really brave in your life, I admire you. Il n’a fait preuve d’aucune colèreContinue reading “Intermediate #32 Faire preuve de + state of being or emotion”

Intermediate #31 LEUR in French personal pronoun or possessive déterminant?

Leur in French can be a personal pronoun or a possessive determinant my friend.

Intermediate #30 French adverbs about frequence always never often sometimes

Let’s use the four adverbs about frequence in whole French sentences my friend.

Intermediate #28 – Time periods in French pour, pendant, depuis

What is the difference in French between Pour Depuis and Pendant?

Intermediate #27 Key French Legal concepts made easy

Let me introduce you to the key concepts and principles regulating the French legal system my friend.

Intermediate #26 The pronoun Y in French language several uses and example phrases

Let me explain the rules for the use and placement of pronoun y my friend.

Intermediate #25 Prefixes in French with their latin roots and within whole sentences to practice

French prefixes come from latin and I teach you today how to use them.

Intermediate #24 Talk in French about Provence with vocabulary and sentences to practice pronunciation

Provence in France! So many things to be learned about this beautiful area in whole French phrases of course.