Intermediate #43 Big numbers in French

Learn how to talk big numbers in French my friend.

Intermediate #42 French motion verbs with prepositions

Learn how to use motion verbs in French and which auxiliary to choose depending on the meaning of the verb my friend.

Intermediate #41 French verbs partir sortir quitter

Learn how to use the French verbs partir, sortir and quitter my friend. partir quitter partir (de) to leave, go away quitter to leave (behind) Tu pars demain ? Are you leaving tomorrow? Demain nous sortons. C’est prévu. Tomorrow we go out. This is scheduled. Vous ne partirez pas de Nice sans lui dire auContinue reading “Intermediate #41 French verbs partir sortir quitter”

Intermediate #40 French poetry Gautier

Let’s add a little bit of French poetry into our French learning my friend.

Intermediate #39 French for It is forbidden

One of my students asked me why the idea of something being forbidden in French was sometimes used with the verb to be while at other times the verb to have was required. Let’s dive deeper into the French ways of expressing “c’est interdit” my friend.

Intermediate #38 Le or du in French?

Learn how to use “de” and “du” in front of French nouns my friend

Intermediate #37 To ask in French with prepositions

Today let’s dive deep into the French verb to ask and its variations my friend. to ask in French demander demander une chose à une personne demander de l’argent, du temps à une personne se demander to ask a person something to ask someone for money, time to wonder Tu as toujours demandé à tesContinue reading “Intermediate #37 To ask in French with prepositions”

Intermediate #34 même in French

Today I want to teach you the two meanings of “même” in French my friend.