Advanced #26 What is a security interest in French law? Introduction

Definition and classification of the various types of security interests in French law.

Advanced #25 Legal French on non-retroactivity of criminal laws principle or rétroactivité in mitius

Today I teach you how to use French legal vocabulary to describe the concept of non-retroactivity of criminal laws within the French judicial system my friend. Le principe de rétroactivité in mitius signifie qu’une loi pénale nouvelle plus sévère ne sera pas appliquée à une affaire en cours, tandis que si la peine prévue pourContinue reading “Advanced #25 Legal French on non-retroactivity of criminal laws principle or rétroactivité in mitius”

Advanced #24 French labor law introduction with phrases or introduction au Droit du travail français

Labor law in French is called Droit du travail and here are French vocabulary and sentences for you my friend.

Advanced #23 Legal French Insider trading vocabulary and phrases for advanced learners Délit d'initié

This French video lesson si about the financial vocabulary around the subject of insider trading in French and European law.

Advanced #22 European Union law introduction in French ou Droit de l’Union européenne

This free French lesson is about European law and key concepts with vocabulary and sentences my friend.

Advanced #21 How to use French relative pronoun DONT in whole sentences to practice and repeat

Let’s practice repeating French sentences to learn more about the use of the simple relative pronoun DONT in French.

Advanced #20 Droit Musulman ou Islamique Introduction to Islamic or Muslim Law in French

Let’s learn about Islamic Law key concepts in Frenhc my friend.

Advanced #19 African Human Rights French lesson about with keywords and phrases La Charte du Manden

The Manden Charter is a very interesting text about human rights and it comes from Africa my friend. Let’s learn vocabulary and French sentences about it.

Advanced #18 #French #pronouns duquel auquel lequel or dont? #Frenchgrammar for #advanced #learners

When to choose the right pronoun in French? Are you hesitating between duquel auquel lequel or dont? LEt’s learn togather in a new advanced French grammar lesson my friend.

Advanced #17 How to #translate #Whether in #French #language? #Phrases with QUE

I have been asked by my advanced students how to translate the word WHETHER in French language. Let’s learn it with sentences my friend.