Advanced #50 French adjectives and present participles

Learn how to differentiate between adjectives and present participles that sound the same in French my friend.

Advanced #49 Around the French verb veiller

Learn all about the verb veiller and the nouns la veille, la veillée and la veilleuse my friend.

Beginner #49 French Vocabulary Holidays Special

Learn how to talk about the winter holidays in French my friend. This is a beginner French lesson for you.

Which dictionary to use to learn French?

I recommend you buy or borrow a dictionary written by French people for French people to learn French my friend.

Advanced #47 French finance lesson Financement des entreprises en Europe

Learn how to describe how a company can get funding in French my friend.

Advanced #46 Avoir beau in French

Learn how to use Avoir beau in French my friend (and it has nothing to do with a handsome person!).