Which dictionary to use to learn French?

I recommend you buy or borrow a dictionary written by French people for French people to learn French my friend.

Advanced #47 French finance lesson Financement des entreprises en Europe

Learn how to describe how a company can get funding in French my friend.

Advanced #46 Avoir beau in French

Learn how to use Avoir beau in French my friend (and it has nothing to do with a handsome person!).

Advanced #44 French verbs Arrêter Débuter + prepositions

Learn how to use the French verbs arrêter, débuter, commencer, and their respective prépositions my friend.

Advanced #43 Legal French – Companies criminal liability

Learn how to tackle the subject of companies criminal liability in French my friend. This is an advanced legal French online lesson.

Advanced #42 French passé simple

Learn how to conjugate French verbs on the passé simple tense or simple past.

Advanced #40 French negative sentences Ne pas Ne jamais Ne rien Personne Aucun

Learn how to use ne pas, ne jamais, ne rien, personne and aucun and where to place them within the French sentence my friend.