Advanced #43 Legal French – Companies criminal liability

Learn how to tackle the subject of companies criminal liability in French my friend. This is an advanced legal French online lesson.

Advanced #42 French passé simple

Learn how to conjugate French verbs on the passé simple tense or simple past.

Advanced #40 French negative sentences Ne pas Ne jamais Ne rien Personne Aucun

Learn how to use ne pas, ne jamais, ne rien, personne and aucun and where to place them within the French sentence my friend.

Advanced #39 French poetry Lamartine

Let’s practice French prononciation with a beautiful poem from Lamartine my friend.

Advanced #38 French intellectual property law introduction

This is an advanced French lesson about legal French vocabulary relating to intellectual property law in France.

Advanced #37 Master French punctuation and get credibility

Be credible when you write French by learning the French punctuation rules my friend.

Advanced #36 French adjective new

Today I teach you two ways of saying new in French my friend.

Advanced #35 French passé composé with être auxiliary

Today I teach you how to conjugate French composed tenses with the auxiliary to be my friend. Use the auxiliary to be être when you conjugate the French passé composé with all the reflexive verbs or verbes pronominaux and the following verbs: aller – entrer – passer – monter – descendre – tomber – arriverContinue reading “Advanced #35 French passé composé with être auxiliary”