Advanced #67 How to make an assumption in French?

Learn how to make an assumption in French my friend.

Advanced #66 Past participle agreements with Avoir auxiliary

When the direct object of a verb in a composed tense is placed immediately before the verb instead of afterwards, the past participle will take into account the number and gender of that direct complement, even though the auxiliary is not ETRE but AVOIR.

Advanced #65 French law before bankruptcy

Learn French legal concepts regarding how French law prevents bankruptcy openings for companies my friend.

Advanced #64 Effraction or infraction ? French vocabulary

Learn how to distinguish between two similar French words Effraction and Infraction my friend.

Advanced #63 History in French La révolution industrielle du XIXème siècle

Learn more about French history with a class dedicated to the Industrial Revolution in France my friend.

Advanced #62 French grammar Adjectif verbal or Participe présent ?

Learn the difference between the French adjectif verbal and the participe présent my friend.

Advanced #60 French lesson Les intelligences multiples

Practice reading French, understanding complex sentences and read them along with me my friend.

Advanced #58 Legal French Sources internationales des libertés publiques

Learn how to speak in French about civil liberties, where they come from and where they are enforced, as well as useful vocabulary for legal French studies my friend.