Beginner #70 French possessive

Beginner #70 French possessive
Beginner #70 French possessive

Learn how to use the French possessives my friend.

Beginner #70 French possessive

masculine singular

mon chien

my dog

ton cahier

your notebook

son tabouret (for a man or a woman)

his/her stool

notre projet

our plan

votre métier

your job

leur voyage

their trip

feminine singular

ma voiture

my car

ta tante

your aunt

sa beauté

his/her beauty

notre vie

our life

votre joie

your joy

leur piscine

their pool

plural (masculine and feminine)

mes amis

my friends

tes vacances

your holidays

ses fenêtres

his/her windows

nos animaux

our animals

vos montagnes

your mountains

leurs raisons

their reasons

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My name is Claire and my mission is to teach you French with a smile my friend!

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