Beginner #65 What you need to know about the French letter H

Beginner #65 What you need to know about the French letter H

Learn how to the French letter H works my friend.

Can I use the article le/la or l’?

Can I do the liaison in the plural?

These 2 questions will let you know if you are in the presence of “un H aspiré” or not.

le héros, les héros

l’hôpital, les hôpitaux

le hibou est / les hiboux sont dans l’arbre

the owl is / the owls are in the tree

j’ai vu le hérisson / les hérissons du jardin

I saw the hedgehog / the hedgehogs of the garden

l’homme a / les hommes ont découvert le feu pendant la préhistoire

man has / men have discovered fire during prehistory

la harpe est / les harpes sont un instrument de musique à cordes

the harp is / harps are a stringed musical instrument

l’origine / les origines des statues de l’île de Pâques reste / restent mystérieuse.s

the origin / origins of the statues of Easter Island remains / remain mysterious

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