Intermediate #59 An easy book to read in French Le petit prince Part 1

Intermediate #59 An easy book to read in French Le petit prince Part 1

Le petit prince is a great book to start reading in French. I recommend you keep a dictionary by your side as you read the book.

You can also write down any new vocabulary and its translation on a card. To help you, I prepared a free vocabulary sheet for the French book Le petit prince.

un serpenta snake
une grande personne = un adultean adult
un moutona sheep
un aviona plane
la mélancoliemelancholy
vieillirto get old
une planètea planet
le coucher du soleilun coucher de soleilsunset
une fleura flower
des larmestears
des griffesclaws
à l’abrisheltered
un volcana volcano
oublierto forget
cueillir les fleursto pick up flowers
la consignethe order
un métiera job, a profession
un milliarda billion
un réverbèrea street light
regretterto regret
le désertthe desert
à tout hasardby any chance
apprivoiserto tame, to domesticate
la véritéthe truth
un trésora treasure
une chutea fall
se rappeler = se souvenirto remember, to recall
comprendreto understand

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