I am a French tutor on Preply

I am a French tutor on Preply
I am a French tutor on Preply

Speaking French… is it your dream? Maybe you need French to move forward in your career? Or you live in a French-speaking country and you want to feel more at ease? Perhaps you did learn French in the past and you’re worried you have forgotten most of it? You may also be a busy professional with a tight schedule and lots of last minute meetings.

Wouldn’t it be great to speak French ? To write French?

My name is Claire and my goal is to boost your confidence in French. I’ll prove to you that regular lessons do increase your skills.

You don’t have time? We’ll work slowly but consistently to improve your French. I was a busy lawyer so I totally understand the pressure. One of my strengths is the ability to easily reschedule lessons if something comes up in your agenda. No questions asked because I’ve been there too.

All my efforts have one goal: that you feel so confident you start speaking French whenever you have the opportunity.

Are you a beginner? Are you shy? We’ve all been there and I have a tried and tested method to teach you French from the start. Do you need to work more on oral French, written French, business French, legal French? I’ve got you covered. All my lessons are tailored to your particular needs.

I have students who passed United Nations job interviews brilliantly while others got accepted to become French citizens. I even teach children starting at 4 years old.

Please book your trial lesson today! I’m flexible and I’m here for you.

Published by Claire SAMUEL

My name is Claire and my mission is to teach you French with a smile my friend!

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