Advanced #56 By the time in French

Advanced #56 By the time in French
Advanced #56 By the time in French

Learn how to translate “by the time” in French my friend.

Advanced #56 By the time in French
Advanced #56 By the time in French

le temps que

avant que

au moment où

by the time

Tout était fini avant que j’arrive à la fête.

It was all finished by the time I arrived at the party.

Il avait visité le Château de Chambord avant que des travaux de rénovation soient entrepris.

He had visited the Château de Chambord by the time renovation work was undertaken.

Elle savait exactement ce qu’ils allaient dire lorsqu’elle a commencé à regarder leur vidéo dans le confort de sa maison.

She knew exactly what they were going to say by the time she began watching their video in the comfort of her home.

Le temps que je comprenne qu’il m’aimait, c’était trop tard, il était parti.

By the time I understood that he loved me, it was too late, he was gone.

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