Intermediate #43 Big numbers in French

Intermediate #43 Big numbers in French

Learn how to talk big numbers in French my friend.

76 004 124 244

soixante-seize milliards quatre millions cent vingt-quatre mille deux cent quarante-quatre

600 130 341

six cent millions cent trente mille trois cent quarante-et-un

8 904 831

huit millions neuf cent quatre mille huit cent trente-et-un

7 000 410 214

sept milliards quatre cent dix mille deux cent quatorze

1 470 185 028

un milliard quatre cent soixante-dix millions cent quatre-vingt cinq mille vingt-huit

13 001 000 040

treize milliards un million quarante

Published by Claire SAMUEL

My name is Claire and my mission is to teach you French with a smile my friend!

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