Intermediate #39 French for It is forbidden

Intermediate #39 French for It is forbidden

One of my students asked me why the idea of something being forbidden in French was sometimes used with the verb to be while at other times the verb to have was required. Let’s dive deeper into the French ways of expressing “c’est interdit” my friend.

Intermediate #39 French for It is forbidden

avec avoir :

Ma mère m’a défendu de sortir ce soir.

My mother forbade me to go out tonight.

Marc avait défendu à sa soeur de révéler son secret.

Marc had forbidden his sister to reveal his secret.

avec le verbe être et un adjectif :

C’est interdit / défendu.

C’est autorisé / légal.

It is forbidden.

It is allowed/legal.

Il est défendu / interdit / honteux de fumer en classe.

It is forbidden/shameful to smoke in class.

Le port du jogging est autorisé / accepté / normal à l’école.

Wearing sweatpants is permitted/accepted/normal at school.

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