Intermediate #36 Combien in French

Intermediate #36 Combien in French
Intermediate #36 Combien in French

Today I teach you how to express How much and How many in French my friend.

Intermediate #36 Combien in French

combien in French

how much

Combien coûte ce livre, tout là-haut sur l’étagère ?

How much is that book up there on the shelf?

Combien coûtent les chaussures que tu m’avais prêtées l’année dernière pour la réception ?

How much are the shoes that you loaned me last year for the party?

combien de + NOUN in French

how much/how many

Combien de temps est-ce que tu as à m’accorder cette fois-ci ?

How much time do you have to give me this time?

Combien de points est-ce que vous avez marqués ?

How many points did you score?

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My name is Claire and my mission is to teach you French with a smile my friend!

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