Beginner #36 French verb avoir l’air

Today I teach you how to use the French verb avoir l’air de or to look like my friend.

avoir l’air

avoir = to have

air = air

avoir l’air (de) = to look, to seem, to sound (like)

J’ai l’air de quoi avec ce chapeau ?

What do I look like in this hat?

Tu as l’air inquiet.

You look worried.

On a l’air de touristes.

We look like tourists.

Ma famille et moi avons l’air d’être très unis et c’est vrai.

My family and I seem to be very united and it is true.

Mon ami, vous avez l’air joyeux ce matin.

My friend, you look happy this morning.

Karima, Malika et Anne ont l’air de bien s’amuser.

Karima, Malika and Anne seem to have fun.

Published by Claire SAMUEL

My name is Claire and my mission is to teach you French with a smile my friend!

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