Beginner #35 Asking for specifics in French

Beginner #35 Asking for specifics in French

Today I teach you how to use quel for what/which in French sentences my friend.

Use interrogative adjectives to ask about specific things or specific people my friend.

quel – quelle – quels – quelles according to the noun it introduces

Quelle robe choisis-tu  ?

Which dress are you choosing?

Quels gâteaux est-ce que tu prépares ?

Which cakes are you making?

Sometimes the verb to be (être) is placed between the interrogative adjective and the noun it relates to.

Quelle est la date de ton anniversaire ?

What is the date of your birthday?

Quel est le nom de son chien ?

What is the name of her dog?

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My name is Claire and my mission is to teach you French with a smile my friend!

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