Live #25 – French Grammar participe présent gérondif adjectif verbal

Live Streams French With a Smile
Live Streams French With a Smile

Today I teach you verbal forms ending with “-ant” my friend. This is French grammar day 🙂

prenant la main de Geneviève – the verb is prendre and this is a participe présent

en marchant dans le forêt – the verb marcher here is a gérondif

les lumières éblouissantes de la ville – the verb éblouir is turned into an adjectif verbal so it needs to take into account the number and gender of the noun it refers to my friend

You can add “très” or “vraiment” in front of the adjectif verbal to make sure it is one and therefore needs to be in the masculine/feminine and singular/plural.

Published by Claire SAMUEL

My name is Claire and my mission is to teach you French with a smile my friend!

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