Live #21 – Verbs to live in French

Live Streams French With a Smile
Live Streams French With a Smile

To live can be translated in French into Habiter and Vivre:

tu habites
il habite
nous habitons
vous habitez
ils habitent

je vis
tu vis
il vit
nous vivons
vous vivez
ils vivent

At my place is in French Dans ma maison and Chez moi:

chez moi
chez toi
chez lui/chez elle
chez nous
chez vous
chez eux

Are you learning French? Then I am here to answer your questions my friend!

Submit them in the chat during our live together and let’s dive deep in French language.

I teach French on Preply.

Please support the channel my friend.

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My name is Claire and my mission is to teach you French with a smile my friend!

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