Advanced #17 How to #translate #Whether in #French #language? #Phrases with QUE

Advanced #17 How to #translate #Whether in #French #language? #Phrases with QUE
Advanced #17 How to #translate #Whether in #French #language? #Phrases with QUE

Today I have the pleasure to focus on how to use the word “que” in French language to translate the English word “whether” with whole phrases to practice my friend.

Que nous soyons présents ou pas, cela ne change rien.
Whether we are present or not, it does not change anything.

Que tu choisisses cette université plutôt que celle-là n’est pas le plus important.
Whether you choose this university rather than that one is not the most important thing.

Qu’il fasse chaud ou froid, j’irai à la plage.
Whether the weather is hot or cold, I will go to the beach.

Que vous parliez plus fort n’y changera rien : je ne comprends pas votre langue !
Whether you speak louder will not change anything: I cannot understand your language!

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My name is Claire and my mission is to teach you French with a smile my friend!

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