I am here to teach you French with a smile!

About Claire

My name is Claire and I am here to teach you French with a smile!
I did extensive studies in French, philosophy and mostly law.
After getting a degree as a French lawyer, I began teaching my native language to English-speaking students.
I have a passion for teaching and my goal is to help you learn French easily and with joy!
On LinkedIn I am Claire SAMUEL. Follow me on YouTube and Odysee and get the lastest information about new videos and posts!
Claire Samuel


I offer free videos on YouTube and Odysee and one-to-one lessons on Preply.

beginner level french lessons

Beginner level French lessons

You can start French at beginner level with video lessons targeted on creating easy sentences while learning vocabulary, verbs conjugated at simple tenses and basic grammar. You build your learning practice with consistency and repetition of the sentences my friend.

intermediate level french lessons

Intermediate level French lessons

Intermediate students will benefit from video lessons targeted on French vocabulary as well as grammar explanations. The most important thing is to practice the sentences while learning new vocabulary my friend.

Advanced level French lessons

Video lessons for advanced students are designed for you when you are already fluent but need some practice repeating complex sentences. I am also offering you interesting vocabulary on various topics such as finance, history and law my friend.

Live with Claire from French With a Smile

Participate to the monthly live stream on YouTube at 3pm CET – 6am PT – 9am ET

I am available live should you have any questions about French language my friend.

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CSC SASU, 19 rue du Musée, 13001 Marseille, France

877 492 231 RCS Marseille and TVA FR10877492231

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